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What is Burns & McDonnell Credit Union’s routing/ABA number?
BMCU’s routing/ABA number is 301080664

What is the account number format that I need to use when setting up a deduction to Burns & McDonnell Credit Union?
Your account number format will be your 4 digit account number, a dash, followed by two (2) zero’s, for example xxxx-00.

I already have deductions going to Burns & McDonnell Credit Union, do I need to do anything?
No.  Burns & McDonnell Credit Union in cooperation with the payroll department will convert your existing deductions.

I want to set a new deduction and I have sub-accounts (i.e. Christmas club, special savings, loans) with the credit union that I would like to deposit funds to each pay period, how will I do that?
In order to have money “split” between different accounts within the credit union you will send the total amount to your savings account (in the xxxx-00 format).  Contact the credit union to have one of our representatives set up the “split” the way you want it.

I have my entire check going to Burns & McDonnell Credit Union but I want to change the amounts going to my accounts within the credit union, what do I do?
Contact Burns & McDonnell Credit Union and a representative will assist you in setting this up.

What is the difference between a direct deposit and a payroll deduction?
If your entire check was sent to one financial institution that was considered a direct deposit.  If you had a portion of your check sent to the credit union that is considered a payroll deduction.